• DMDisplay, a corporation founded in 1998 specializing in PDLC products.
    Today, DMDisplay produces the most advanced PDLC products in the world, in terms of both quality and technology.
    DMDisplay has the largest PDLC production capacity in the world and offers various types of PDLC films and glass throughout the world.

  • More customers want advanced applications requiring non-standard specifications.
    DMDisplay always tries its best to meet the requests with the accumulated know-how and technology.

  • Many global auto makers, train and electronics companies have already qualified our products for a few years, and DMDisplay have been successfully provided the best products for them. Also, DMDisplay is the only PDLC film manufacturer that has two PDLC coating lines, which can lead the biggest capacity and meet the requests of mass production on time.

    • smart
      film & glass

    • smart blind
      film & glass