DMDisplay Privacy Policy

DMDisplay Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ‘DMDisplay’ or the ‘Company’) thoroughly abides by domestic privacy protection regulations, including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Information and Communications Network Act’) and Personal Information Protection Act, in all stages of DMDisplay services, from service planning to termination. DMDisplay also provides services in accordance with international standards, including the OECD Privacy Guidelines.

1.Significance of the Privacy Policy

DMDisplay has composed the Privacy Policy based on standards provided by the Information and Communications Network Act while striving to provide an easily comprehensible, yet detailed description of how users’ personal information is processed within DMDisplay.
Therefore, DMDisplay has introduced the ‘Plain Language Privacy Policy’, which uses easy-to-understand terminologies in the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy has the following significance.

2.Collected Personal Information

Users who have not subscribed to DMDisplay can still enjoy the same level of services provided to DMDisplay subscribers, such as searching for information or viewing the news. However, if the user subscribes to DMDisplay to use personalized or subscription-based services, including email, calendar, café or blog services, a minimum amount of personal information, which is necessary for service use, will be collected by DMDisplay.

The following personal information is collected when users subscribe to DMDisplay.

3.Use of the Collected Personal Information

DMDisplay uses personal information only for purposes described below, which includes managing subscribers, developing, providing and improving services, and creating a safe internet user environment.

4.Provision and Entrustment of Personal Information

5.Destruction of Personal Information

6.User and Legal Representative’s Rights and How to Exercise Those Rights

7.DMDisplay’s Efforts to Protect Personal Information

8.The Chief Privacy Officer and the Responsible Personnel

DMDisplay has designated the following persons as the Chief Privacy Officer and Personal Information Manager. They will be responsible for answering DMDisplay users’ inquiries regarding personal information and resolving any related complaints.

Chief Privacy Officer
Name : Lim Jae Woon
Affiliation and Position : CEO
Phone : +82-2-6911-2774
Email :
Personal Information Manager
Name : Yu mi hye
Affiliation and Position : Magager
Phone : +82-2-6911-2774
Email :

Contact the organizations shown below to file reports or seek consultation for other privacy infringements.

9.Application of this Privacy Policy

10.Obligation to Notify Before Amendments

Users will be notified of any revisions to this Privacy Policy, including any newly added, deleted or updated information, through ‘Notice’ at least seven (7) days prior to the amendments. However, notices on important amendments that affect users’ rights, including changes to the personal information that is collected or to the purpose for using the information, will be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the amendment date. User’s consent will be obtained again if needed.