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DMDisplay is the world leading switchable film and glass manufacturer which is one of the oldest companies in PDLC industry. Since DMDisplay was established in 1998, we have never stopped investing on R&D facility and new films to further enhance stability and quality. Currently, we export our products to more than 40 countries through our valuable partners and distributors. DMD supplies various types of PDLC products such as Smart Film (MF), Smart Glass(MG), Smart Self-adhesive Film (SF) and Smart Super Clear Film (SCF) with a cutting-edge switchable and privacy solution that changes from clear to opaque states on demand and provides freely control over the amount of light, privacy and heat that enters a space. Our accumulated know-how, continued investment in research and development allow us to provide the best products and service to our partners and distributors all around world.

WHY DMDisplay?

Highest Quality and Durability

DMDisplay products have been already qualified and successfully being used by numerous global companies such as auto makers, train and electronics companies as well as government organizations. The accumulated know-hows for many years have resolved any possible durability issue which cannot be proven by a new player in the market.

The Biggest Capacity

DMDislay is the only PDLC manufacturer which has two PDLC coating lines, which can lead the biggest capacity and meet the requests of mass production on time.

The Most Various Kinds of PDLC Products

DMDisplay currently provides Smart Film, Smart Glass, Smart SF(Self-adhesive Film) and Super Clear Film & Glass with different colors as well as Smart Energy Film and Smart Heating Film that will be launched soon. DMDisplay will provide more PDLC products according to customer’s demands.

Shorter Lead Time

It becomes more and more important to deliver the product to our customers within shorter period as the market size expands. The biggest coating facilities, short turnover and flexible production system makes DMDisplay supply products to our customers faster than any other company.

Better Customer Service

The accumulated know-hows for 16 years meet the specified requests from many customers.