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DMDisplay History 연도별 연혁
2015 Jan. Participated in Korea Construction Fair.
2014 Oct. Participated in Glasstec 2014, Dusseldorf in Germany
2014 Aug. Launch unofficial Smart Blind Film for specific companies
2014 Jul. Continuosly supplied DMD Smart Glass for the monorail in Singapore
Continuosly supplied DMD Smart Glass for trains in China
Paradise Hotel project
2014 Jun. Co-develoment with a global auto maker for the application for car windows (Long-term Project)
2014 Mar. Participated in Kyunghyang Housing Fair 2014
Certified by both ISO 9001, ISO 14001
2014 Jan. R&D for the Smart Energy and Heating Film
2013 Nov. Participated in SEMA Show, Las Vegas by US distributor and got awarded three prizes
2013 Oct. Glass Apps, US distributor of DMDisplay, acquired Citala which was one of the biggest PDLC manufacturers in the US.
2013 Aug. Several Hotel Projects were done both in domestic market and overseas market
2013 Jul. Group, Shanghai in China) and launched DMDisplay China for the mainland Chinese market
2013 Apr. Established one more special PDLC coating line in the factory of DMDisplay
2013 Mar. Participated in Kyunghyang Housing Fair 2014
2012 Oct. Completed development of Tinting film for car window with HYUNDAI motors.
2012 Sep. RAMADA Hotel (700 sqm)
2012 Aug. Windows of light rails in Inchon international Air Port.
2012 Jun. EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea (Korea pavilion , aquarium and SAMSUNG pavilion)
2012 Feb. Completed construction of New Factory in general Industrial site. (10,000sqm)
2011 Nov. Conrad Hilton hotel (1,000 sqm scheduled)
2011 Sep. Installed at IAAF with NIKE as interactive
2011 Aug. Windows of rails in Daegu city, Korea.(2800m²)
2011 Jun. Increased International partners and distributors up to 55.
2011 May. Being won the marketing support by Korea Government of Business.
2011 Jan. Successfully started to produce COLOR films (Grey & BLUE).
2010 Sep. Installed at CITROEN booth at Brasil Motor Show.
2010 Jul. Promotion with NIKE Korea at 2010 FIFA World-cup South Africa.
2010 Apr. Increased international partners and distributors, 40.
2010 Mar. Headquater of Turkcell Telecom in Istanbul, Turkey.
2010 Jan. Started mass production of SF Film (Launched at April, 2009).
2008 Nov. Signed a supply contract with a hotel in China (4,000 sqm).
2007 Dec. Achieved the biggest international market share
2007 Jun. Increased international distribution centers to 25
2006 Mar. Stock split ( 5,000won > 500won )
2005 Apr. Participated in the Korea-China International Construction Materials Fair.
2005 Mar. Increased international distribution centers to 15.
2004 Jul. Completed development of DMDF
2004 May. Registered patents in EU (Germany, France, and the UK).
2004 Mar. Participated in an American exhibition.
2003 Dec. Registered patents in Japan
2003 Sep. Participated in the Beijing Korean Product Fair
2003 Jul. Registered patents in the U.S
2003 May. Increased paid-in capital to \4.78 billion
2002 Nov. Commenced mass production of products.
2002 Sep. Registered patents in Taiwan
2001 Dec. Completed construction of its Dongtan Factory.
2001 Nov. The Ministry of Knowledge and Economy selected / Magic Screen Glass as an Elite Next-generation Product.
2001 Oct. Registered patents in Korea. Completed production setup of Magic Screen Glass.
2000 Jul. Company name changed to DMDisplay Co., Ltd.
2000 Jun. Obtained a venture corporation certificate.
2000 Mar. Increased capital from \300 million to \2.83 billion.
1999 Jun. Applied for patents in Korea.
1998 Mar. DD Tech Co., Ltd. was founded.